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Get results with Online Marketing By Engaging Just a Few of the Octopus’s Legs!


Kellen Kautzman owns Send It Rising Internet Marketing, and manages a team of over 20 internet marketing professionals. Kellen holds a Master’s degree in education, and taught for five years before transitioning into his career as an internet marketer. We delve into the secret sauce ingredients of online marketing, why you can make a huge impact with only six seconds and what everyone is doing that you shouldn’t.
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Key Takeaways:

[1:44] Kellen relates how he went from teaching Spanish in the classroom, to living out of his car in Las Vegas, to pursuing his dream of web development.

[4:14] What poses the biggest barrier of getting buyers attention online?

[6:43] The older generation of business owners must have a paradigm shift. Owners must become a celebrity in their space by using social media and youtube. The question one always needs to ask is, “How do we connect with our tribe?”

[10:27] Listen in to learn about the huge impact of just 6 seconds. 1/8th of the population will listen to the full 30 second ad. You must seize that golden opportunity and grab the buyer’s attention in the first 6 seconds.

[13:21] Consistency bring results. Facebook retargeting keeps business in front of folks in a casual way. Find out why some people consider retargeting spooky. Knowing your tribe is key to deciding if retargeting is right for your business.

[19:20] Is it possible to get too specific in targeting? How can knowing your objective help to answer this question?

[21:00] Kellen shares some tips to engage when you are no longer getting the results you once were. First, Engage, adwords (culling) negative keyword list. Second, add call extensions to adwords on mobile but not on desktops. Call extensions are the blue phone that appears on the ad. You can touch the phone, and it will call the business.

[23:00] Kellen’s secret sauce is revealed! You don’t want to miss these ingredients.

[26:33] Exercise your basal ganglion cells in the brain by tracking Google analytics every morning with your morning routine.

[28:26] Kellen shares three styles of blogs: traditional, embedded youtube videos, and photo blogs.

[33:36] What can innovators do when the key words they use don’t exist? Think of terms that exist in the same realm and find things in the same paradigm.

[36:28] The key to successful advertising is to understand that advertising is the struggle to get attention. Innovators need to be gentle on themselves and grow in time organically, and be honest and hang on to your integrity.

Kellen’s new book, Everybody’s Doing It will be released in the Fall of 2017. Read some excerpts now! Connect with Kellen here:

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