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Birds of a Feather Should NOT Flock Together

Ideas that come from birds of a feather tend to die. Having the same people, with the same background, all looking at the same information isn’t going to make that magical innovation genie appear. But, ideas that come from diversity in thinking, thrive. Marketing, consumer trends, and business expert Kelly McDonald shares with Inside LaunchStreet how to build a real culture around diversity. We all know the ‘why’ but Kelly digs into the ‘how’ and the business impact of the how.


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Key Takeaways:

[2:01] Kelly’s IQE assessment revealed she’s an inquisitive risk taker. Listen in as Tamara explains how Kelly leverages her trigger points.

[3:46] Get introduced to Kelly Mcdonald.

[4:33] You might be surprised to know that Kelly was part of a water skiing show in her youth. She was a pyramid skier and then she started to MC the program.

[6;36] Kelly’s book, How to Work with and Lead People Not Like You, helps answer the question: Why is diversity in thinking so important to innovation? She believes that innovation starts with people thinking differently than you. The diversity of thought and experience shape the way that you solve problems and move the business forward.

[8:23] Ideas that come from birds of a feather tend to die. How do you think about getting diversity within your company? Why is it so hard to do? Kelly shares an exercise to help with diversity. The assignment is for everyone to go around the room and share something about themselves. Learning something personal changes the way you see people, fosters better communication and the coming together of the team.

[13:26] Kelly shares how diversity went wrong with Skinny Girl Cocktails. It proved to be wildly successful after being turned down at the beginning. Tamara reminds listeners that ideas are often shot down because the listener isn’t understanding your perspective.

[18:30] What’s in a number? 606 versus 909. People can be looking at the same thing yet see things very differently. This is where the power of innovation lies.

[19:36] Find out how businesses are like cities.

[21:15] People are going to say the wrong things. We all say the wrong things sometimes. Kelly shares two stories where people could have chosen to be offended. Kelly shares the valuable advice that we should always assume good will.

[28:22] Kelly and Tamara discuss how to respectfully see thing differently. Listen in to find out whether HOW or WHY is more powerful in understanding differing points of view.

[36:12] What’s the one thing people love most about Kelly’s book?

[41:18] Tamara reminds listeners that hard doesn’t mean wrong. She tells about how one of her advertising professors met with her to discuss a situation. His students were having a hard time seeing other’s perspectives. Find out why the teacher sent his students to Walmart and how some of their perspectives changed.

[44:44] Kelly talks about the ROI of diversity. Kelly shares a success story about a struggling funeral home becoming a wedding venue. Two things happened. The young girl came up with a bizarre idea. And, the older owner took the time to listen and agreed to try it. It’s important to not dismiss what on the surface might strike us as odd. Tamara shares the success of Dollar Shave Club. Sometimes diversity is as simple as connecting with people outside of your world.

[49:34] The birds of a feather flocking together cost Pepsi some money. They learned a valuable lesson about the diversity of thoughts.

[51:58] Connect with Kelly at Tamara suggests that listeners subscribe to Kelly’s newsletter.

[53:12] What’s Kelly’s advice to team leaders to improve diversity?

[57:53] Tamara encourages the inquisitive risk takers to pull back the layers and figure things out. Go to LaunchStreet and take the free portion of the IQE Assessment. Then, when you’re ready, subscribe and unlock the remainder of your power triggers. This will put you at the top of your innovation game.



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