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Inside LaunchStreet interviews Kirsten Birkeland, the founder of PrepTalk Coaching, and is a top coach to C-suite, executives, and Ted speakers. We dive into the big mistakes many of us make, that minimize our ideas, how to communicate with clarity and power, and what communication for success really looks like.

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Key Takeaways:

[:25] Host Tamara Kleinberg opens the show by sharing her belief that half of the battle for innovators is coming up with ideas; the other half is getting people to listen to you and buy into your ideas. Tamara introduces today’s guest, Kirsten Birkland.

[1:53] Learn how Kirsten became a communication expert, and what her main focus is, when working with her clients.

[3:04] Kirsten shares two powerful tips for what doesn’t work successfully when communicating. First, we don’t have to say everything we know. Second, say the most important thing that the audience needs to know. Learn how to figure out what to say versus what needs to be said.

[4:06] Get introduced to the 80/20 rule as it applies to communication. 20 percent of the content needs to create 80 percent of the influence. Ask yourself, “What is it among my 20 percent that my audience is going to actually feel?

[5:40] How do you grab people by the brain?

[7:22] Natural styles of communicating are discussed. Do you tend to communicate using the professor style? Or the high energy/bubbly style? Whatever your style, the most powerful tool you can use is to BE YOURSELF! Never dampen the goodness that is you.

[10:47] When a communication breakdown occurs, people haven’t taken the time to go into the three layers of WHY. Explore these layers and come to better understand your audience.

[12:24] Think of one or two things that you think the audience may not know, and ask yourself, why don’t they know this? Focus your message on what you think they need to know.

[14:50] Kirsten gives advice for successful communication between small groups or one-on-one communication. She introduces her idea of a “flagging phrase,” and the “flight plan.” It’s important to understand what your takeoff looks like, understand what your 20 percent focus is, in the air, and understand your landing.

[18:32] It’s challenging to present innovative ideas, because it’s all about possibilities. The “flight plan” helps you to focus on the 20 percent.

[19:34] How can you deliver a successful address in front of an audience? Learn some tactics/strategies to make you shine on the stage. Authenticity is key. Never go into a “mode” on stage.

[22:21] Hear about two successful communication outcomes for Kirsten’s clients.

[25:51] Is confidence half the battle? Is it healthy to be nervous before speaking? Kirsten tell us the key to success, and how each of us can begin our journey to being a more effective communicator.

[28:53] How are all speakers like Michael Phelps? What can we learn from him?

[29:42] Innovators can find power through articulating in a way that makes the audience ”feel the idea,” rather than, “think it.” Indifference is the greatest enemy of innovation, the biggest barrier to success.

[31:44] Kirsten’s clients all need to have one thing in common. Find out the process involved when working with Kirsten.

[34:31] Connect with Kirsten at Kirsten Birkeland’s PrepTalk Coaching Website to get started today.


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