If you truly knew what you wanted in life would you be willing to make the hard sacrifices? According the our Everyday Innovator guest, Denise Allman, the answer is yes. In fact she is proof that when you get clear about what you want, the sacrifice becomes just a step towards your goals. Denise shares with us some of the tenets that have led to her life transformation, the importance of the voice in your head, and how we actually all have the script for success inside of us, we just need to remember it. As the co-founder of Mighty Movement she also opens up about the innovation they’ve leveraged to build a thriving business in the face of all the crazy changes the world has experienced. This is a two part episode because our conversation was so good that we went way over the usual time. Today is part one, and tomorrow is part two. 

Denise’s Everyday Innovator style: Inquisitive Instinctual

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