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Five ways to be the leader your team needs in situations of uncertainty.

Leadership right now is in a really tricky place because things are not only uncertain, but they’re also out of our control. With the evolving novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we as leaders need to adapt to the times and guide our teams through this situation. The time for shock and panic is over, and it is now time for us to find ways to move forward. To do this, we need to lead in a way that shows strength and courage, but also vulnerability and authenticity.


Here are five of my strategies that can help you navigate these uncertain times and be the leader your team needs.

  1. Realism over optimism — Approaching your team with an overly optimistic perspective that doesn’t include any reality minimizes the trust that people have in you. Instead, realism and transparency can provide people with the confidence they need to move forward.

  2. Action over answers — People know that you don’t have all the answers but they want to know you’re taking action.

  3. Investment over workload — At a time when it is tempting to put our heads down and focus on work and being productive, we need to show our teams that we are also investing in them and care about their growth and development.

  4. Innovation over restriction — Innovation has always been about navigating through uncertainty and finding ways to do things differently, and these are unique circumstances that you can lean into.

  5. Empathy over authority — Everyone is dealing with their own frustrations and worries, and as leaders, we need to acknowledge that and provide our teams with the space to express that, by being empathetic to their concerns.


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