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Strategies to change and get people to change.

When it comes to change and getting people to change, as leaders we recognize that it can often feel really hard to implement, and pushing for change can lead to failed efforts. So what are we doing wrong that keeps up from making change work? Greg Shea and Cassie Solomon join me to dig into how we can lead successful change in our organizations and teams.


Gregory P. Shea is adjunct professor of management at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and Cassie Solomon is the President and Founder of The New Group Consulting, Inc where she coaches leaders and consults to organizations on the design and implementation of strategic change. Greg and Cassie are co-authors of Leading Successful Change: 8 Keys to Making Change Work, where they share their tested method for leading successful change, developed over a combined 50 years of helping organizations do just that.


Changing the environment is often touted as a way to drive innovation and collaboration. The thing is, making superficial changes to the environment (e.g. with a ping pong table) doesn’t help change the system needed to allow for innovation and collaboration. Greg and Cassie explain some of the tenets of making change successful and what has made their approach so successful. They also share more about change fatigue, how it creates resistance and makes people discouraged in wanting to change, and why the holistic approach to leading change helps set a company or team up for adapting and innovating.

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