We throw around innovation words a lot – pivot, adapt, shift, disrupt. But what does it really mean to actually achieve any of those in changing times. My guest today, Tommy Bagwell co-owner of Fleur Salon, knows exactly what it takes because he’s done it. Tommy shares how his life was totally disrupted, personally and professionally, and what he did to push through, find the gaps, and create new opportunities for himself and his business. Tommy talks about how he does his research and then jumps in, tinkering and adjusting until he gets it right. He also shares how for him it wasn’t about the big wins, but about finding gratitude and momentum in the little wins each day.  Tommy also talks about how he drastically had to rethink his leadership and his business model as the situation evolved. He even shares the big lesson he got from his dad and what to do when you just don’t know what to do next. 






Tommy’s Everyday Innovator style:Experiential Risk Taker

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