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You Can be Armed With the Proper Tools and Courage to Simplify Your Life!


Lisa Bodell is the CEO of Futurethink and the best selling author of Kill The Company and her latest book, Why Simple Wins. She is a recognized global leader on innovation foresight and change management. We dig deep into the power of simplification in your personal and professional life, how to know the difference between mundane and mission work, and why it’s important to become your own Chief Simplicity Officer.

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[2:45] Lisa shares that her passion of simplification came from trying to solve her own problem. Ask yourself, Am I spending my time on things that are valuable? It’s not about doing more, it’s about doing better. How do you know what the ‘right things’ are?

[6:04] Lisa discusses the T-chart exercise. What you do versus what you would like to do? Honestly complete this exercise, and see what this exercise tells you about yourself.

[7:50] How can killing complexity help you to have the mindset to figure out what is the work that matters?

[8:20] Lisa explains that it’s easy to identify where corporations need help.  Find out how she identifies by using the T-chart. The left side of the chart represents the mundane, boring, and tactile. The right hand side represents visionary, emotional, and inspiring. Which side do most people identify with?

[10:06] How does complexity impact innovation? Often, there is just no time to innovate. We must simplify, so that there is space for innovation to occur.

[11:40] Tamara and Lisa discuss her recent TED Talk. Lisa believes that thinking has become a daring act. We are so addicted to doing, that we have a hard time thinking. Thinking needs to be moved to the forefront. Tamara shares her personal experience with trying to think on the job.

[15:20] What roles do technology and human nature play in simplification?  Somebody must ask the difficult questions to simplify. Courage is a requirement to operate with less.

[19:34] Tamara shares her belief that simplicity isn’t about how to become more productive. It’s about pulling away from the unnecessary complexities in our everyday lives.

[21:04] Chief Simplicity Officer requirements are: First, have courage. Second, operate like a minimalist. Third, Be results-oriented. (It’s about outcome not action). And, fourth, Stay focused.

[23:03] Lisa shares ways to shift from being action- to outcome-oriented.  She shares her experience with Sprint. You need an outrageous, audacious uncomfortable goal to work toward.

[26:45] When you simplify, the ability to innovate becomes second nature, because they have the energy and enthusiasm. The ability to get things done is the major driver of innovation.

[30:11] What is a simplification code of conduct? It’s important to take away the risk and fear, to get people to realize that some things can be eliminated.

[34:30] Lisa talks about ways she has simplified ways in her own life both at work and personally. You have to start with yourself and begin eliminating items from the left hand side of the T-chart. Pilot saying, ‘no.’

[37:25] People don’t realize the amount of complexities they are drowning in. They also don’t realize that they have the power to change these things. Begin to take control by reading Lisa’s book, Why Simplicity Wins and don’t forget to order the Toolkit.


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