Have you ever looked at a product or seen an ad and wondered how someone thought to come up with that idea? Whether it’s good or bad, these are the ideas that are innovative and groundbreaking and they stick with us. One of those such products is RightRice, and its founder, Keith Belling joins me on this interview to share more about how he took on a big and traditional industry in a new and innovative way. Keith Belling is the Founder & CEO of RightRice, a product that reinvents the concept of rice, and which sold over one million bags in its first year. Keith is a proven entrepreneur and innovator, and RightRice is his second foray into disrupting the F&B industry — his first being Popchips, a wildly successful food product. He is a master of following a frustration he has, figuring out how to solve it in a unique and meaningful way, and turning the solution into a business.Keith explains how to approach a really established, traditional marketplace with alternative products, and why it’s so important to bring to market something that’s meaningful and differentiated. We also discuss what it takes to cast off the baggage of past failures in the industry when trying to innovate and why innovation is essential in a fast moving industry.




Keith’s Everyday Innovator style: Tweaker Instinctual

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