What do you do when you hit a wall? When you feel like you are spinning your wheels or feeling you can’t quit get to the next level? According to my guest, Keith Renninson, you drink some wine, grab a white board and start to map out the future. Keith is the creator of the TRIP (tenacity, resilience, imagination, purpose) Method and Assessment. In our conversation he shares with me how he knew he needed to think differently about how to bring his expertise to market, how having a tangible product helped him differentiate himself in a very crowded space, and why looking to the future and working backwards was the start of a new path to success. Keith dives into the importance of decision making, believing in yourself and pushing forward, especially in the tough times. He also shares why a whiteboard is the key to new ideas. 



Keith’s Everyday Innovator style: Futuristic Collaborative

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Making Decisions that Clear the Way for Innovation and Success with Everyday Innovator Keith Renninson

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