making experimentation part of your business model is everyday innovator Henry Schwartz's secret sauce to success

Making Experimentation Part of Your Business Model is Everyday Innovator Henry Schwartz’s Secret Sauce for Success

In my travels, I meet a lot of entrepreneurs that claim to have an idea that is going to totally disrupt their category. Sadly, it’s rarely the case — sorry, but it’s true. But then I met Henry Schwartz, one of the Founders of MobCraft Beer. Their entire business model is disruptive. Today I talk to him about how experimentation and putting the customer in the driver seat has been the secret sauce to their success. Listen to how he gives up control and allows the fans to guide the flavors. In fact, deciding the next flavor isn’t the job of R&D, it’s the job of the mob! He also shares how to transform experimentation from something you fear to being a part of your business model. As Henry shares with us, the key to success isn’t just an innovative product, it’s having an innovative business model too. 

Henry Schwartz’ s Everyday Innovator style: Imaginative Futuristic.

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