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Your Story is Crafted by How You Do Business

Story matters. In fact, research has shown that as humans we are more likely to believe, buy in and take action when there is a story involved. it’s powerful for relationships and for business. Whether you sell a business service or a consumer product, you need a story. That’s why I had Marc Gutman, founder of WildStory (Story Editor for Oliver Stone’s Illusion Entertainment) on Inside LaunchStreet. He applies his Hollywood story experience to business. We talk about how to craft a compelling story; how innovative ideas need a story to succeed.


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Key Takeaways:

[:37] Why do some brands find their way into your heart and some don’t? Marc Gutman, from Wildstory, joins Tamara on Inside LaunchStreet today to discuss the power of storytelling.

[2:08] You might be surprised to learn that Marc was a recently sponsored kiteboarder.

[3:36] Why does story matter so much in business today? How did Marc learn the craft of storytelling?

[6:23] By telling your customers who you are, it tells them who they are.

[7:07] Marc teaches that we craft our story by standing out. We can do this by looking at the past. It’s often the backstory that gives us motivation. A good story has four components: 1, vulnerability; 2, drama/conflict; 3, transformation; and 4, authenticity.

[11:10] Tamara shares that she was recently keynoting at a Women’s Food Service Conference. She noticed that businesses selling business-to-business pushback. Why does storytelling matter just as much to them?

[15:00] Tamara points out that often times we don’t trust data. We can argue that data can be skewed and presented from a certain perspective. If we storify the vision of what we are trying to sell and then support it with the numbers, we can have a successful conversation. It’s the storytelling that will connect you to the person. Marc and Tamara discuss the authenticity of Warbyparker. They have a strong vision of who they are and why they do what they do.

[20:50] Marc helps clients prepare for growth by guiding them through the difficult process of developing their identity, by developing the language to communicate, and by helping them create the tools to standardize their message.

[22:58] How is having a clear internal story advantageous?

[25:15] Tamara and Marc discuss customer touch points. Tamara talks about her experience of ordering knee high socks. The customer service didn’t match the original message. Marc reminds listeners that there is no insignificant touch. You need to honor your story and be authentic.

[28:31] Your story becomes how you do business. A strong story becomes your foundation and aids in making company decisions.


[29:50] Marc took the IQE Assessment and his power triggers are futuristic and inquisitive. Listen in to hear how Marc’s ability to stay steps ahead and build assumptions has helped him to build stories and help his clients.

[32:54] Tamara reminds listeners that often we have to let go of people that don’t want to see our true self. Marc points out that there may be some friction and you have to have courage as you move into this new direction. You might lose a few customers but over the long term, you will attract the right customers and employees.

[34:18] Tamara shares that they are working on their story at Inside LaunchStreet. What are some of the pain points that can help you realize that you need to work on your story?

[37:06] Find out the magical link between your culture and your brand product. Tamara points out that you first have to work on things on the inside before you can work on the things outside.

[41:29] Tamara challenges customers to do a journal entry as if you were your customer. You cannot mention your products and services. It helps people to realize that our products and services are a very small part of their lives.

[43:20] Connect with Marc at Tamara tells customers to click on the “send me the secret” button on the webpage.

[44:20] Marc shares two things people can do right now to begin to incorporate storytelling into your work.

[46:14] Tamara challenges listeners to apply the power of storytelling. Practice telling your story. Find the conflict you’re going to resolve.



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