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A company culture that drives innovation.

In an industry that’s changing and evolving rapidly, how can entrepreneurs stay ahead of the competition and encourage their team to innovate? It really boils down to a unique culture that reduces hierarchy, fosters independence, and rewards innovation. That’s exactly the kind of company Marcin Kleczynski has built with Malwarebytes.


At age 14, Marcin infected his family computer with a virus trying to download video games from the internet and had to turn to an online community to learn skills to fix the problem himself, after traditional tools failed. That incident inspired his interest in programming and eventually led to the founding of Malwarebytes, a company dedicated to helping consumers get rid of hard-to-clean computer viruses, malware and adware, and one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity companies in the market.


Cybersecurity is an industry that is changing constantly and even expanding in breadth. Marcin explains how he approaches keeping up with the changes and staying a leader in this space, as well as how he ensures that people on his team are engaged in the process of innovation — by adopting a ‘Shark Tank’ style approach to moving innovation forward. Malwarebytes is also recognized as an extremely innovative company and it is largely because of the unique culture Marcin has cultivated that contributes to innovation, and the bottom line.

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