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John Lee Dumas is the founder of the award winning podcast EOFIRE. With over a million downloads a month, JLD knows what it takes to be wildly successful as an entrepreneur. He is also the author of the Freedom Journal and the newly released Mastery Journal. We dig into his new book, how mastering his definition of FOCUS (follow one course until success) exponentially improves productivity and how mastering discipline actually gives you the freedom to mess around too.

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Questions Answered in this Episode:

How does your military background contribute to your success?

What made you decide to write The Mastery Journal?

What is your definition of discipline?

Can you give us an example of when mastery of discipline helped you move the needle in our business?

What does focus mean to you?

What is one thing you want us to know about The Mastery Journal?

Key Points:

  • Discipline as an entrepreneur
  • Zig when everyone else zags
  • Save the best part of you for you
  • Allow 100 days to achieve a major goal
  • Focus Sessions
  • Benefit of mental breaks
  • Weapons of mass distractions
  • Difference between being productive and being busy
  • Tracking your actions

Resources Mentioned:

Mastery Journal by John Lee Dumas –

EO Fire Podcast –

Deep Work by Cal Newport –

Self Control App –

If you are ready to:

  • get buy-in from key decision makers on your next big idea
  • be a high impact, high value member that ignites change
  • foster a culture of innovation where everyone on your team is bringing innovative ideas that tackles challenges and seize opportunities…



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