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Identifying Holes As a Team Can Prevent the Ship From Sinking

When do you think about marking off all the things on your to-do list? Things like making a doctor’s appointment, asking an online store where your order is, making reservations? If you are like me, it’s at odd hours of the day when I then can’t do anything about it. I hate it! Well so did Matt Tumbleson, founder of Teckst, a revolutionary technology in the customer service space. He stopped by Inside LaunchStreet to talk to me about taking risks and what it takes to be a successful disruptor trying to transform a legacy industry or organization. He dropped some wisdom bombs around how to innovate within constraints versus always fighting them and how caring about how you can help others feel and be innovative is more important than you being the lone innovator is the difference between feeling amazing and actually moving innovation forward. He ends with how partnerships equal buy-in.


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Key Takeaways:

[3:00] You might be supposed to learn that Matt developed an obsession as a kid with airplanes. He grew up in Florida around all things NASA.

[5:07] Matt’s took the IQE Assessment and his innovator archetype is inquisitive imaginative. He excels in the startup world by tackling problems and constantly improving things. Matt talks about his vision for perfection and how he views ‘getting there.’

[7:26] What mindset can innovators learn from entrepreneurs like Matt? He believes that being able to take risks means that you potentially have a reward.

[9:22] Tamara and Matt discuss risks and question if it’s necessary to take risks to the ‘max’ to create a change.

[10:39] What inspired Matt to start Teckst?

[15:35] Matt realized that people wanted to reach out but not by phone. He understood the need to create something that didn’t exist. He found himself thinking about many tasks he needed to do and started thinking about how to utilize texting.

[19:49] The inquisitive type comes out when Matt talks about innovating by asking questions. He also challenges assumptions and asks, what if? How would I do this when I connect the dots?

[20:08] What lessons has Matt learned while disrupting in a legacy environment? It’s not the people that don’t want to be innovative. It’s the legacy and the processes that are making it hard for them to move the needle. Matt believes it’s imperative to identify who the end user will be. We come together and connect the dots. The users will see their input manifest in the end result.

[23:24] Tamara reminds listeners that sometimes we have a box that we have to deal with. Matt wanted to be sure that with Teckst, he created something that was within the constraints of the users and the legacy systems. He partnered with his clients so that they are innovating too.

[25:44] Matt talks about his view of partnership and the overused 1+1=3 equation.

[29:17] Tamara reminds listeners that it’s so important to get buy-in. You can eliminate risks when there is no black curtain and everyone knows what’s happening.

[31:27] Tamara reminds listeners that risk can sometimes feel like raising your hand in a meeting and going against consensus. Matt teaches that you’re allowed to say no and issued criteria that everyone can all agree on. By allowing people to say no, that opens the door for improvements. We can move innovation forward faster.

[33:02] Tamara shares that in InsideLaunchstreet, people can come to her with a problem, but first they have to create three solutions. This allows innovative people to solve their own problems. Matt believes that you also need a forum to talk about what you did.

[38:15] Matt holds the title of CEO but relies heavily on his team of experienced innovators to help him innovate. Tamara points out that building a team builds trust and opens the door for innovation. What problems are companies experiencing when they reach out to Matt?

[40:36] Find our why Matt believes innovation is a key factor in today’s fast-paced marketplace. Tamara discusses the pitfalls of attempting to single out a certain group of consumers.

[44:48] Connect with Matt on LinkedIn, or text him at 917-971-3557. Or, use Teckst at 855-980-6848.

[45:45] Tamara digs into Matt’s innovative archetype. She asks Matt how being imaginative and inquisitive has helped him to achieve his final goal. Matt challenges listeners to brainstorm and think about what is the worst way to solve a problem. Start with a terrible idea, flip it, and you’ll have a great idea!

[48:25] Tamara challenges listeners to be the disruptor. Discover your innovator archetype by taking the IQE Assessment today. It starts with YOU.


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