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Breaking the Illogical Rules Opens the Door to Creativity

Head trash! It’s what keeps most of us down in the status quo dumps. In fact, have you ever noticed that the louder your mind is, the worse the head trash? And it’s always negative and that negativity squelches creativity. With that in mind, I asked Matthew Ferry, coach to thousands of top performers to achieve Enlightened Prosperity and author of 7 Steps to Happiness and Success, to be on Inside LaunchStreet to talk about how to have a quiet mind and an epic life. We dug into how being tuned-in to life gets you to a more expansive and creative state, how we often attach the idea of risk onto the fear of losing out on an imaginary benefit, and he shared how pride, illogical rules and not being of service get in the way of the creative mind.


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Key Takeaways:

[1:48] You might be surprised to learn that Matthew is a songwriter and producer. He is a trance music nerd.

[3:18] Find out what it means to Matthew to live an enlightened life. How does one know if you’re tuned into the enlightenment?

[6:35] Once you’re tuned into this state, how do you stay there? When you have head trash, your focus is narrow; things agitate you. When you are not in that head trash place, you see more, you’re open to more, and the world seems more beautiful.

[8:01] Matthew believes you can live both a quiet life and a kick-ass, epic life. When you experience your infinite nature, you realize that nothing really matters. You get more space to clarify what really matters in your head.

[10:06] Tamara asks Matthew what tools or tactics can help you to minimize the mind chatter? You have to neutralize the mind’s reason for speaking, for talking, and for thinking. The mind talks because it’s part of our code. One has to be able to find the ways in which you’re being a traitor. Then, you have to release your motive for being a traitor.

[12:16] Matthew discusses the idea of success and failure and ‘am I giving it my all’?

[14:15] Find out why Matthew compares positivity to ice cream over mud pie.

[15:00] Matthew helps clients identify pride, grief, and where are you following illogical rules? He also helps identify where you’re being humble and pretending that it’s noble. Tamara reminds listeners that you bring creativity to the world by allowing yourself to think at this level.

[18:07] Matthew shares some examples of illogical rules: Be cordial, Do what other people do. Follow the rules. As entrepreneurs, it’s your job to question everything.

[20:51] Get introduced to the term, spiritual hooligans. What prevents us from breaking the rules?

[23:48] Matthew’s IQE archetype is fluid futuristic. He’s really good at challenging the status quo and navigating through the mud. He innovates in ambiguity and in solving tomorrow’s problems. Matthew believes that you have to decide if you’re creative. Accept that it’s OK if you aren’t.

[26:10] Why do we fail over and over again? Why do we keep resetting the goals?

Matthew believes that people want to have an experience — that’s what they actually want.

[30:52] Tamara and Matthew talk about the theory that you don’t quit when you want to quit. A deficit is the inspiration for all of our innovation. Watch Matthew teach about goal setting here.

[34:14] If you’re functioning in a state of deficit, do you settle for incremental thinking and ideas? Matthew suspects that you accomplish but you aren’t satisfied. You achieve, but you are unfulfilled. You must dance in between the finite and infinite. Tamara challenges Launchstreeters to examine which place on the teeter-totter you are playing.

[36:06] Connect with Matthew on his homepage and on his Facebook page, Spiritual Hooligans.

[36:51] Matthew challenges listeners to forget about the outcome of your goals and put your attention on the experience you think the outcome will create. Have that experience in the smallest ways, every single day.

[43:12] Tamara asks listeners to mindmap all the rules in your life and work. Find the illogical rules that are holding you back from your next big idea. Then, write a review on iTunes about the value that you get on Inside LaunchStreet.



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