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How the six-second pause can make all the difference in the tough decisions.


For Maura Sweeney, Living Happy from the Inside Out is more than a slogan. It’s a life mantra. Author, Podcaster, HuffPost Contributor, and International Speaker, this Ambassador of Happiness and thought leader helps individuals find their voice, entrepreneurs develop their brand, and leaders emerge into their most brilliant selves. We chat about how to make happiness an internal trigger, what makes someone influential, and how to avoid being a victim in life.
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Key Takeaways:

[2:06] Maura shares her preschool reflection of how JFK’s presidency left her with a passion for inspirational leadership, innovation and the importance of becoming a change agent.

[4:21] Maura’s mindset is simple. You can either say, it’s too bad, I’m not the one in charge. Or, you can say, I have a challenge, I am going to prove that there is a solution!

[6:50] Maura believes that leaders of today have shifted their motivation. They are not thinking about making it a win/win situation for all. It’s more about what is the impact for me at this moment?

[8:55] Tamara and Maura discuss that great innovators see the world around them and  contribute to their part. They also achieve loyalty by, advocating, supporting, and  collaborating together.    

[12:44] Get introduced to Maura’s two personas. Either you are the victim or the beneficiary. Focus on the thought that I am a benevolent person and beneficiary in a benevolent universe! You can then undo that feeling of being the victim and become the conduit to positive change.

[18:44] How can being in the beneficiary mindset help you to gain control of your space, allowing you to influence and innovate? Tamara challenges her listeners to catch yourself and own your feelings when you are playing the victim.

[21:00] Maura defines that happiness is not pink dresses and fairy dust. Happiness is a state of mind, one that is often chosen as if it becomes a discipline. Happiness is a state of being and it’s a state of presence. It’s something that is practiced.

[23:43] How does happiness affect your success? How does it help you to get into your innovative space?

[27:50] Tamara and Maura discuss how a perspective shift can provide you with power to change your life. Maura teaches about perspective in her Foundations of Happiness ecourse.You need to shift your perspective in your mind, in order to shift it in your world. It’s the catch phrase, “There’s nothing here or there’s everything’s here.”

[31:52] Listen in for tips to advance from: there’s nothing here, to there’s everything here!

[34:31] Tamara asks Maura for pitfalls and payoffs for exiting the comfort zone. Listen in as Maura shares her pitfall dancing experience.

[38:52] Maura compares a diving analogy to taking your first step to exit your comfort zone. Start small, take your first step, and own it. Then, take your next step.

[42:01] Connect with Maura at Command Central to purchase her books, ecourse and listen to her podcast at Maura4u.


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