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It’s Not About Getting Shit Started, It’s About Getting Shit Done!

Mike Arce is the host of the top fitness business video podcast, “The GSD Show.” He is also the founder and CEO of Loud Rumor, a 7-figure advertising agency for small businesses in the fitness and wellness space, like Orange Theory. Mike stopped by Inside LaunchStreet to talk about the skills you need to build a successful business, the power of systems to unleash great people and innovation, and what it means to GSD daily.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:20] How did MIke’s love of martial arts lead him to become a fitness trainer and enter the fitness marketing space? Mike parallels fitness to successful businesses.

[3:12] Mike’s business coaches have all told him that he’s their number one student.  Mike’s ability to put things in motion has earned him this title. Success hinges on learning and executing!

[4:50] Tamara shares that often people think that learning is the execution. Listen in to find out where the balance is between learning and execution.

[7:19] Mike explains what his agency, Loud Rumor is about and chimes in on what it took for them to achieve a great culture. He shares his struggles about looking inward to improve his leadership skills.

[10:39] Mike believes that the greatest skill a good leader possesses is knowing that you are never a great leader! Mike and Tamara both share a personal experience about leadership. Tamara reminds us that leadership comes at all levels.

[13:09] Get introduced to the “entraemployee” mindset. Success happens when everyone operates under the mindset that we all own our company. This mindset creates job security and prevents people from looking for a greener side.

[14:50] How do you foster the sense of ownership and create the “entraemployee”?

Tamara stresses the importance of making your own situation “greener.”

[17:13] Mike wholeheartedly believes that systems make a really great business and great people work within a great system. When there is more organization and clarity, people are happier coming to work. Greater confidence and satisfaction follow.

[20:25] What is the best way to figure out systems? Tamara believes that structure allows for innovation because you have the baseline stuff taken care of. It gives you a framework to walk through the process.

[25:26] Listen in to find out what GSD stands for. You don’t move forward by getting shit started.

[26:44] Mike shares his strategies for getting shit done.

[29:24] Tamara questions Mike about the impact our health plays in business performance. Mike answers the question by saying, “the health of the airplane is the most important part of the entire trip.” Sometimes, we forget that our bodies are the airplane.

[33:14] Mike’s advice to entrepreneurs that are attempting to scale a smart business in a crowded industry is to dive all the way in! The most successful way to learn a foreign language, is to move there. The most successful way to break into an industry is to learn to talk the language by attending conferences, reading books, surrounding yourself with people already in the industry and to have mentors.

[35:14] Mike’s favorite movie series is ROCKY. When ROCKY had to prepare for a fight, he did nothing but prepare for the fight. He did whatever it took to get the job done.  

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