Life is really about what we choose to think of as the possibilities for ourselves, and unfortunately, a lot of us are hindered by what we think we can see for ourselves. However, just by changing three things: mindset, belief, and exposure, we can open ourselves up to an ocean of possibilities.

Mindset, belief, and exposure all feed each other and exist in a virtuous cycle with each other. Each one helps to expand and open the other, and together, they drive our ability to unlock the power of innovation within us and the power to reach our human potential. I want to share some things to help you shift your mindset, change your beliefs, and increase your exposure to get you to start seeing beyond your pond.

Mindset: We’ve all been conditioned to be mediocre and taught the (negative) consequences of being innovative or thinking differently. In order to get into a mindset that serves us and opens up our eyes to the ocean of possibilities, we need to unlearn mediocrity and status quo.

Belief: Our Reticular Activating System is like a brick wall that keeps out anything that doesn’t confirm pre-existing beliefs. This makes it difficult to believe you are capable of something different, unless you start dismantling the brick wall.

Exposure: One of the simplest, most powerful things you can do to change your mindset and beliefs is to increase your exposure. Being exposed to new things, ideas, perspectives, ways of thinking, and truths can help us change our mindset and our beliefs.

By focusing on changing these three things in tandem with each other, you too can unlock your innovation potential.


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