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Real-world case studies of how to put strategy into action.

Strategy is great to talk about hypothetically, but we’re taking it a step further to dig into how good (or bad) strategy plays out in real-world case studies. Derrick Kuhn, serial entrepreneur and owner of Brillity Digital, a digital marketing and business strategy company, joins me on the second of this two-part series to continue our deep dive on strategy.


When it comes to strategy, the fundamental starting point lies in the diagnosis of the current situation, something that is often missed out in the conversation. Derrick and I explore how we can start rethinking goal-setting using the concept of proximate objectives, and why “strategy” should move from diagnosis to strategy to tactics and an action plan.


We deconstruct each of our business strategies and uncover some of the crucial flaws I had in my thinking around strategy, and some of the myths and outdated ways of doing things I was holding on to. Derrick and I come up with a better way of doing my strategy that has already made a difference, and discuss the roles of different people in bringing together diverse perspectives that can ultimately make a significant difference in your company’s success to implement your strategy.


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