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Business problems have people solutions.

What truly makes a company great is not its processes or systems; it’s the people. If you want your company to move efficiently and effectively in the right direction, you need to be putting people first — everything else comes after. Paul Sarvadi is someone who discovered this at an early age and has leveraged that realization to disrupt and revolutionize the HR industry.


Paul Sarvadi is the founder and CEO of Insperity, a company that provides human resources and administrative services to small and medium-sized businesses. Over time, it grew to support over 100,000 businesses, over 2 million employees, and 77 offices across the U.S. and it boasted $3.8 billion in revenue. Paul also authored Take Care of Your People: The Enlightened CEO’s Guide to Business Success, which provides practical advice based on a lot of real-world experience.


Building a company that puts people first seems obvious, but doesn’t happen often. Paul explains what made him realize the importance of the people factor, and what he did differently once he had this realization. For Paul, going from the starting point of “what kind of company do you want to be?” vs. “what do you want to sell?” made a huge difference, and he reveals why you have to create culture by design, not by default. We also dive into some of the strategies from his book on getting your culture right and employee communication. Paul also leaves us with some valuable insight into the tangible signs that your company is not people-focused, and what you can do about it.

If you are ready to:

  • get buy-in from key decision-makers on your next big idea
  • be a high-impact, high-value member that ignites change
  • foster a culture of innovation where everyone on your team is bringing innovative ideas that tackle challenges and seize opportunities…


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