Inside LaunchStreet interviews Paul Sloane, a leading innovation thought leader and keynote speaker. He is the author of 25 books, including his most recent, Think Like An Innovator. He advises a range of organizations with thought provoking puzzles and lateral thinking techniques through keynotes, workshops and his books. We talk about why being innovative is a must-have in today’s marketplace, how to solve tomorrow’s challenges, and leveraging lateral thinking to overcome your big obstacles.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:40] How does one differentiate between creativity and innovation? Learn why it’s difficult to experience innovation without, ‘cutting some people some slack.’

[4:15] The enemies of innovation are: business, complacency, and bureaucracy. Learn the steps to begin chipping away at these enemies.

[8:14] Paul introduces us to ‘lateral thinking,’ and shares examples of why this kind of thinking is so important for innovators. Get introduced to America’s first supermarket, the King Cullen Store in New Jersey.

[10:45] Tamara and Paul brainstorm the critical element of checking assumptions. Tamara shares the success story of innovator, Ben Parsons, founder of Infinite Monkey Theorem.

[14:07] How did a Scottish bacteriologist use lateral thinking, and teach us that we must be prepared for accidents and receptive to strange occurrences? The unexpected is something we should welcome and examine. The innovator must be endlessly curious.

[16:11] Replacing the analytical with emotions is a powerful tool in innovation.

[18:20] Tamara shares her feelings regarding indifference. Paul shares an experience about the launch of a popular TV show. Because the show brought out strong emotions in the audience, it has become a success.

[21:05] How important is innovation in today’s workforce? Find out how to stay one step ahead of the robot!

[22:54] Paul introduces us to his new book, Think Like an Innovator. The book contains 76 examples of great innovators, and how they approached problems differently. Find out many things you can apply on your journey of innovation.

[25:46] How did Paul decide which innovators to highlight in his book? Learn the story of Gustave Eiffel. How can introducing your innovation as a trial or pilot sometimes open the door?

[29:26] What is the acid test for innovators?

[30:22] Find out what game Paul plays in his spare time.


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