How would it feel to be a part of some of the most used innovations of our times? Not the ones we always talk about or bless the covers of magazines, but the one we actually use daily. As someone that continually finds himself on the forefront of trends and technology, my guest today, Everyday Innovator Mohan Ananda, shares his experiences, recognizing big opportunities for innovation, the power of persistence and why it’s important to recognize the needs and challenge of the people you need buy-in from. And, as the past CEO of he talks about his journey from bold idea to getting big buy-in from an agency that resists change, the lessons a 4pm meeting on a Friday taught him about always being ready, and what he’s up to now with his new company that is working to create a bridge for organizations looking to go public.


Mohan’s Everyday Innovator style: Collaborative Tweaker

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