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When I was first promoted into a leadership role I was paralyzed. I was good at my job but I had no idea how to lead others to do the same. Our Everyday Innovator guest today, Toni Shelton, realized that setting people up for leadership success before they actually took on the roles is essential for their success. As the Manager for the Office of Professional Development for Denver Public Schools, she created a program that allowed people to get skills and experience their future selves will need as leaders. Toni also talks about how important being humble and shifting the focus from self to others is in becoming a leader. Toni also opens up innovation in education with how the last two years have forced the school system to change in areas they previously thought were unchangeable, and why massive transparency is key to removing the resistance to change, especially when you are stepping into the unknown. She shares how the “can’ts, don’ts, won’ts” turned into “cans, ares and wills,” and how to change that in your organization too.




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