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The winter season always comes. It’s inevitable. Today’s Everyday Innovator, Dan Brown, shares with us how he thinks about preparing for the winter seasons and uncertain futures. As the Regional Director of Spire Financial, Dan shares how he’s always working on contingencies to prepare for the future. He also talks about what it took to get out in front of the quickly changing and highly competitive real estate market in a way that gave their customers the competitive advantage, and why you shouldn’t wait until you are disrupted to think about change strategies. He also shares some major insights into how to put your customers and their needs first by offering products and services that your competition doesn’t, and sets your customers up for success. And, he shares a story about creative ways they’ve served their customers that bring in the fun and the value. He also opens up about the arc of inspiration, motivation, and determination, and why you actually need all three to succeed. 




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