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What the primal mind has to do with online dating, decision fatigue, and deceiving yourself.

We often think that we consciously make all our decisions, but the truth is, the primal mind is often in control. We need to understand and harness it so that we can become stronger innovators and leaders who are more relevant and valuable in the work that we do while getting ourselves unstuck and avoiding sabotaging ourselves. In this episode, Derrick Kuhn and I continue our discussion about the primal mind.


To me, the primal mind is a lot like online dating. I explain why, just like in online dating, we often need to start with what gets you in the door, before getting more detailed and nuanced. Derrick and I explore some of the strategies to get full engagement from both the primal mind and the rational mind, and why decision fatigue can be so damaging when it comes to making high-quality decisions. We discuss how we can best conserve mental firepower for the right tasks and avoid decision fatigue, the role of mindless scrolling on social media in draining our energy, and some actionable steps you can take to harness your primal mind. If you’ve never thought you could deceive your own brain, have a listen to this discussion to find out why that may be happening more often than you think.

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