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Most of us start off the new year with some ideas or resolutions of things we want to achieve, improve, or change from the previous year. However, not a lot of us make it to the end of seeing our resolutions through an entire year. What’s stopping us?

The reason for this — and the reason why most innovation efforts and behavior change efforts fail is that we reach the bottom of the J-curve and give up when faced with negativity, doubt, and frustration. We often think that change and innovation is a straight line accelerating upwards. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. It’s actually a J-curve where it starts off well, then it dips for a while before picking up again. And we often give up at the bottom of the J-curve, but that’s exactly where we need to persevere and push through to reap the benefits of our hard work.

I share some of my own stories both in business and in my personal life about what it was like to hit the bottom of the J-curve, and what you can do when you’re exhausted and frustrated at the bottom of the J curve, and feel like giving up. Hint: Use the things that weren’t working as fuel to improve your idea.

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