Radical transparency can be very uncomfortable. It’s challenging to admit the good, bad and ugly, both personally and professionally. We are afraid of being judged or even looking like a failure. But, the output is trust and trust is the foundation of collaboration, innovation and success. Our Everyday Innovator guest, Thor Olof Philogene shares how he uses radical transparency to grow his team, why he believes you should show the way and then get out of the way, and why you should stop listening to others and start listen to yourself. As the CEO of Stravito he also digs into disrupting and industry and helping his clients look the future. He also opens up about the challenges he faced during the 2008 recession and the questions he asked to help pivot his business in a way that found innovative paths to new opportunities. He also shares how tapping into your own experiences and trusting your inner guide is the real key to personal growth and success.



Thor’s Everyday Innovator style: Inquisitive Tweaker

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