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How Cleaning Your Mind and Brain Can Help Create Your Desired Reality.

Raluca Comanescu is a performance and results expert, but not in the way you think. She weaves in intention, purpose, and getting rid of all that clutter that gets in the way. She stopped by Inside LaunchStreet to talk about how to navigate your life, your Navigation Tool, and why we shouldn’t borrow other people’s goals or ideas of success.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:51] Raluca defines productivity as the mindset of creating the desired reality.

[2:46] Listen in to find out why just getting things done is the wrong way to look at productivity.

[4:55] Raluca advises to make a list and dump everything out of your head. Then, decide what will move you forward to reach your desired goals. You’ll find that things creep in that aren’t really important. Entrepreneurs need to remember that you can do things differently. You don’t have to do things just because other entrepreneurs do them. 

[9:14] Tamara challenges Launch Streeter’s to examine your to-do lists and see what things have crept onto your list that really aren’t things that are your things.

[9:29] Your goals are your navigational roadmap — your friendly plan to get you from point A to point B. Decide clear goals to track in order to complete this. Raluca shares her experience of mapping out her goal of meeting Seth Godin.

[12:40] It’s important to not borrow someone else’s goals. You actually stop living for your life and give yourself 100 percent chance of failure, procrastination, and not feeling happy, when you borrow goals.

[13:09] Tamara feels that it’s important to pause and ask yourself, “What is it that I really want? What emotion do I want to feel?” Chances are, you may be seeking a different outcome. Can you create the emotion you are seeking doing something else?

[16:59] How do toxic thoughts hinder our production? How can we clean our minds?

[18:45] Raluca gives tips on how to clean your mind and brain. This exercise can make you ready for a new direction.

[21:42] Tamara reminds listeners that sometimes clients have served their time, and it’s time to move on. Your mind needs to be cleaned more than once. New space will be created for innovation.

[23:00] Reality’s game is paying attention to everything that comes your way. Instead, you need to mute the reality and start with what matters to you first. Tamara suggests not to let reality dictate what to do in your own world.

[26:42] Find out how being bold for 30 seconds and selfish for a few hours contributes to progress. It’s also important to give yourself retreats after being brave. Tamara shares a personal experience of making a scary call to solicit a client. Her reward was walking the dog!

[30:05] Raluca’s Navigator tool helps you to pull out your intentions. It’s a friendly planner that helps you start with your dreams and helps you move to action. The Navigator can make you smarter in your goal setting. Get The Navigator here.

[37:40] Tamara suggests that innovators dreams are often a bit fuzzy when they start out. Often, they feel like a failure when the outcome isn’t always just like the dream.  The Navigator gives you the permission to redefine the goal.

[40:37] Both Tamara and Raluca believe that the best innovation involves the customer’s input. The customers are so proud when their ideas are inputted into the project.

[45:44] Ask Raluca questions and find out about her workshops here.



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