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Today I interview entertainer, comedian and speaker, Merit Kahn, about her journey from business and sales trainer to pursuing her dream of having a one woman show on broadway. From building a full comedy club in her basement to booking shows across the country, Merit will inspire you to go big and let your passions be your guide.  She also digs into how comedy has helped her deal with the tough times in her life and how putting her story out there was one of the toughest and most rewarding experiences in her life.

Some Questions I Asked:

  • How do you figure out which beliefs are holding you back?
  • What was it like being vulnerable and putting your life story on stage? What can we learn from your experience?
  • How has asking the right questions helped you pursue your dreams?
  • What do you do about those people that aren’t on board with your big dreams and even try to bring you back down a level?
  • What is it about humor that has helped you cope with difficulties and challenges in life? How can we apply that “find the funny” to our lives?

Conversation highlights Include: 

  1. Reimagine Your Past, Redesign Your Future: Decide how to view your past so you can take control of how you want to move forward
  2. The Power of Humor: How finding the funny in tough situations helps you push through them and shed the victim mindset that often takes over
  3. Breaking Free from Hand-Me-Down Beliefs: Learn how to identify and shed beliefs that no longer serve your growth
  4. Elevate Your Set Point: Elevate your life’s baseline and take note on how your set points may actually be pulling you back down
  5. Your Supportive Circle: Explore the art of surrounding yourself with a tribe that empowers your journey.
  6. Unlocking Success Through Inquiry: Discover the secret to success – asking the right questions that lead to insights and knowledge
  7. Chasing Dreams 101: Uncover the mix of courage, support, and opportunity that propels you toward your dreams.
  8. Aligning Life with Dreams: Learn the art of harmonizing your everyday existence with your most cherished aspirations, down to how you set your schedule
  9. Leading by Example: Shine a guiding light for others by setting a compelling example for personal growth.
  10. There is no Fearless: There is only action despite fear and creating enough of an opening in your own beliefs to make it happen

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