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How to Successfully Use Partnership Marketing With a Win-Win Outcome.

Inside LaunchStreet interviews Robert Glazer, the Founder and Managing Director, Acceleration Partners and Founder and Chairman of BrandCycle. He is the author of the new book, Performance Partnerships: The Checkered Past, Changing Present and Exciting Future of Affiliate Marketing. He believes affiliate or partnership marketing should be a win-win, and is working hard to drive change in this industry. We talk about why partnership marketing can transform your business, when you should engage, and the trends in the industry that are affecting us all, big and small.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:14] Affiliate marketing is when a company and a marketing partner, affiliate or publisher enter into a commission-based relationship that is paid for performance, often called cost per action, or cost on delivery. It’s a framework on how to pay partners more than it is a channel itself. Public companies, newspaper and magazine companies,, mommy bloggers can all participate. Anyone can be an affiliate.

[2:21] Why does affiliate marketing have the perception of a checkered past?  How does one define the positive relationship in this space?

[5:12] Affiliate marketing would work well for consumer online businesses if they are:  looking for leads, have more than 1 million dollars in  revenue, and have defined an endpoint that you can pay on.

[6:36] Find out how Robert compares champagne and sparkling cider to  performance partnerships with affiliate marketing. The four elements of performance partnership are:  CPA payout, transparency, partnership, real time taking/payment.

[8:31] Robert highlights the company, Tiny Prince, and shares their affiliate success.

[12:07] How do you find the right partners? It’s important to realize that partners aren’t customers, they are partners. Open communication is essential.

[14:01] Robert and Tamara talk about the predictions for the future of partner marketing. Is the demand for performance going to go up?  Get introduced to the “Uberization” of marketing.

[16:55] What role is performance partnership beginning to play in the big business players?

[18:10] Robert shares the need for transparency, and why it’s crucial in moving forward in online marketing. The kickbacks have to stop.

[20:18] Tamara shares her personal experience about interviewing PR firms, and how it’s impacted her relationships in business. Robert shares his frustration about his experience to hire within his company. Find out why he created a recruiter company to help move forward.

[24:00] Are conference booths a successful value? How do you measure the value?

[25:20] What initiates the client call to Robert? First, there’s a fast-growing brand, and they are looking to do this for the first time, and they don’t understand how. Second,  there’s a program that isn’t running well.

[27:47] Don’t give up on your idea, or someone else will make it real. Ideas aren’t worth much. It’s about acting on that idea and just not quitting. When is it time to throw in the towel?

[30:05] Robert entered an industry that had been hijacked and derailed. What made him want to put his stake in the ground and want to charge forward?

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