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What can organizations learn from an orchestra?

They may sound completely unrelated, but an orchestra can actually teach us a lot about a business. By creating an unforgettable learning experience for teams and organizations through The Music Paradigm®, Roger Nierenberg helps them get new insights about the business.

Roger Nierenberg is a conductor who leads The Music Paradigm, an innovative and immersive demonstration of the fascinating and unexpected organizational dynamics of an orchestra. In each individually tailored session, participants from the organization are seated within the orchestra and observe and participate in different role-playing scenarios, all of which leave them with deep insights into their own company.


It is a powerful personal transformation that people experience as part of a group, and its secret lies in being a fun and delightful yet challenging experience that makes learning possible and makes it stick. Roger shares more about how an orchestra and music can help the leadership of a business in a way that having a discussion doesn’t with some real-life examples, and some of the big themes and patterns that often come up as a result of these sessions. We also dive into how The Music Paradigm helps to spark some of the innovation that is within people that they’re not tapping into, and what you can do to recreate The Music Paradigm in your daily life and tap into your innovative self.


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