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Strategies for getting your inner comedian (and creativity) out.

If you’ve ever read The Onion, chances are you’ve had a good laugh that’s brought tears to your eyes. But what’s the key to good humor? And how is being a good comedian related to being a good innovator? Scott Dikkers, one of the founders of the very first ever fake news newspaper, The Onion, joins me to teach us just how to write funny.

The Onion, created in 1988 by Scott and two friends, launched their website in 1996, making it the world’s first humor website. Since his time at The Onion, Scott has published multiple books, including How to Write Funny and Outrageous Marketing: The Story of The Onion and How to Build a Powerful Brand with No Marketing Budget, and teaches others how to consistently create good comedy and humor.

This interview is filled with so many nuggets of wisdom, including tips on how to be funny, and strategies to encourage your creativity and innovation while stopping yourself from getting into analysis mode too soon. Scott reveals what it is about The Onion that resonates with so many people, and some surprising lessons he’s learned in his journey. We also discuss the power of humor in communicating with others, why diversity in teams is a source of strength, and why you need to get back the brain of your three-year-old self.


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