seeking outside perspectives and partners is the key to  successful innovation with  everyday innovator  Dr. Phil Perconti Seeking Outside Perspectives and Partners is the Key to Successful Innovation with Everyday Innovator Dr. Phil Perconti

The U.S. Army is not really the place you would think of to find innovation, but at the Army Research Labs, it is an important part of their mission and how they operate. Innovation is infused into the DNA of the entire organization, and Dr. Philip Perconti joins me to share some insight into this unique part of the U.S. military. Recently retired, Dr. Philip Perconti was the Director of the Combat Capabilities Development Command Army Research Laboratory (ARL). He has been doing research, working with the U.S. military for 39 years since enlisted in the Navy right out of high school. He led the Army’s corporate research laboratory which is responsible for foundational research to do with the U.S. Army, i.e. keeping our soldiers safe and give them the competitive advantage on the field. How can you drive innovation across an organization as traditional and bureaucratic as the military? Dr. Perconti shares his vision for ARL and why the balance between short-term demands and long-term intention is so critical. He reveals more about the biggest challenges ARL faces in terms of talent acquisition, and how the unique model adopted by the ARL in fostering collaboration and partnerships to integrate with local communities to leverage and absorb as much of the culture in the national innovation hubs has been revolutionary to the organization. We also talk about the five core attributes of the ARL culture, why they picked them, and how Dr. Perconti ensures that they’re being implemented.

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