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Next Time Converts to a Lifetime of Loyalty

As consumers, we pay a lot for convenience. We want it faster, at our doorsteps, easier to handle… you get the point. So how do you innovate in a world driven by speed and ease? In a lot of ways. Inside LaunchStreet guest Shep Hyken shows why disruption and loyalty are important to success and how to innovate in a customer-oriented world. We dig into the six principles in his book, The Convenience Revolution, and how to implement them to innovate and stand out.


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Key Takeaways:

[3:04] Shep’s innovator archetype is futuristic collaborative. He is able to create tomorrow’s opportunities.

[3:48] You might be surprised to learn that Shep has lots of interesting interests. He’s a golfing, ice hockey playing musician.

[5:45] Shep grew up learning about customer service when he was a young magician.

[5:57] Shep discusses the difference between customer service and customer experience.

[9:09] How you do build the customer service mindset internally? Listen in as Shep shares a customer service example of luggage. He talks about the journey mapping experience. Tamara reminds listeners that every employee needs to understand how their service impacts everything downstream.

[14:10] Get introduced to the concept of “moments of innovation.”

[17:10] Why is innovation in customer service so important? The ends haven’t changed in customer service but the middle has. Companies have figured out an easier solution. Shep discusses how technology can help technology can help drive conveniences. Innovation makes it easier for the customer. It saves them time, gets rid of friction.

[20:12] Shep’s book, The Convenience Revolution: How to Deliver a Customer Service Experience that Disrupts the Competition and Creates Fierce Loyalty, discusses six principles that help to deliver a customer service experience that disrupts the competition and creates fierce loyalty. He points out how Amazon excels at all six principles. Shep talks about the Amazon dash button. This allows the consumer to order the product that’s directly linked to the dash button.

[24:54] Tamara discusses the biometric airport scanning that Delta is using. Technology is driving extreme convenience. Shep shares the innovation story about Houston Airport. People were complaining about how long it took to get the baggage. So, they gave the people a longer walk to get to the baggage claim!

[26:57] Why does the book title contain the words disruption and loyalty in the same title? Learn the power of the word “always.” Shep encourages listeners to stop thinking about loyalty meaning a lifetime. Think instead about right now, what I am doing so they will come back next time. “Next time” converts to a lifetime.

[29:59] Reducing friction is one of the six principles. This principle is important because customers compare you to the best service they have ever received. Tamara and Shep discuss taxi service before UBER created a friction-free experience.

[35:27] Shep and Tamara talk about the benefits of using Clear screening at airports. It reduces friction in travel and provides a better experience.

[37:10] Principle number 4 in Shep’s book is subscription. Shep shares the success of the Netflix subscription model. Subscriptions are a powerful way to provide convenience.

[43:24] Shep was surprised at how much innovation he discovered while writing the book. He discovered a convenience store on wheels without a driver! Tamara cautions listeners that failed businesses often provide us with stepping stones. We need to look at the patterns and the trends.

[46:00] One of the last chapters in the book discusses sometimes you have to stop trying to be convenient. Jeff Bezos knows when something is failing, you have to get out of it.

[48:44] Shep recently wrote an article about the importance of being different, not better. Tamra and Shep discuss this truth.

[50:33] Shep was surprised how many companies aren’t practicing the six ideas in his book. They aren’t thinking about the customers. Tamara and Shep discuss how the rising tide lifts all boats. Competition is good among businesses. Everybody benefits.

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[54:44] Shep suggests that listeners complete the customer mapping project and get everyone involved in creating a better experience.

[56:34] Tamara is going to explore the subscription principle. Which principle will you explore? Take the IQE Assessment today to find out how you will best innovate.



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