Inside LaunchStreet How Siloeing Innovation Is Demoralizing To Everyone Else,,,,And How To Avoid It


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How Siloing Innovation Is Demoralizing To Everyone Else…And How To Avoid It.

In an effort to drive innovation and create accountability for innovation, many companies have established a dedicated innovation team that is solely responsible for innovation. The unintended consequence of that is that everybody else in the team or organization gets the message that they’re not innovative and their ideas don’t matter. The unintended consequences of siloing innovation are not only that people become discouraged and disengaged, but we’re also leaving a lot of human potential on the table. In addition to that, when it comes to implementation, it can be a challenge to get buy-in from people who have had no say in the innovation process.

How can we avoid the negative consequences of siloing innovation while still having accountability? As leaders, we need to be moving away from being the “doers” of innovation and become “enablers” of innovation. We need to create jobs that allow space for innovation and give our team members the resources and tools to innovate. I also share a little about how an innovation feedback loop can help, and how we can create this shift away from innovation occurring in silos.

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