Soft skills are not your technical skills that show up as a bullet point on your job description. They are the interpersonal or behavioral skills you actually rely on to do your job, live life, and get ahead. The ones that are hard to track but are equally, or more important. In fact, I’d argue that the technical skills you rely on to do your job are cost of entry and can become irrelevant. But, soft skills are lasting and critical. In this episode I’ll share the 6 soft skills that lead to your success – innovation, resilience, communication, decisiveness, leadership, openness. These are the critical soft skills for success in our complex, rapidly changing times. I’ll even give you a quick activity you can do to dial up your soft skills in these 6 areas. 


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Don’t forget to get your Hydromate and drink up. When we are dehydrated we easily get exhausted and have mental fog. Being hydrated is foundational to your energy and your success. 

Go to the podcast website and get your 6 Soft Skills to Success bonus. Use it to remind yourself, activate your soft skills, or share with your team. 

I mentioned This is one of the major talent and recruiting matching marketplaces. If you are looking for a new job, this may be a good place to start.

I talked about Infinite Monkey Urban Winery and their once inciting question that lead to an industry revolution. 

One of the exercise’s I gave you is from motivational master, Mel Robbins. It’s here 5 second countdown. Her website has more on this exercise and lots of other great activities.

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