Imagine for a moment that your mind is like the music playlist on your phone. Yet in this case, you didn’t add the songs. They were put there by your parents, siblings, bosses, neighborhood, teachers, etc. As my guest, Elan Divon shared with me, this playlist becomes your beliefs and behaviors, and it’s often what leads to self sabotage and limiting beliefs. In this episode Elan and I delve into how to change that playlist, and reach your full potential. We also talk about the relevancy of soft skills in today’s marketplace, and the new skills you need to succeed. Also, Elan makes a great point that knowing skills is good, but being able to integrate them into your work is powerful. As Elan says, “your value is in the soft skills.”

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If you haven’t heard me rave enough, FocusAtWill is my all time favorite tool to focus, dial up the innovation and improve my work. It’s a music app and website. I highly suggest you check it out. Individuals use it, and team’s subscribe as well. 

As Elan mentioned, Devon Academy works with young leaders and students to improve their soft skills. This couldn’t be more essential. Invest in yourself or those you lead. 

If you want to reach out to Elan Divon directly, go to his website. There are plenty of good resources there as well. 

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