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Our value lies in the insights we provide, not the information.

This episode’s question comes from Matthew, whose company recently implemented new software that will generate data and reports (previously one of his responsibilities). How can you ensure that you stay relevant when technology is now doing what you used to be valued for?


There’s no denying that technology is becoming more ubiquitous, and some of our tasks are being taken over by technology, software, or applications, regardless of the industry we’re in or our rank in our company. We may start wondering where our relevancy is, but really, we need to be thinking about how we can leverage technology to gain the advantage.


What we need to do is shift our mindsets. If you move from thinking about how technology is taking your job, to thinking about how technology frees you up and provides opportunities, that’s how you can create relevancy. Technology creates an incredible amount of opportunity for us to engage in strategic thinking, be innovative, and have a strong voice at the table. I have a set of questions you can ask yourself to get from information to insights so that you can provide solutions, opinions, and advice. Ultimately, in the age of technology, our value lies in the innovation and creativity we bring to the table.


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