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How to prioritize tasks and avoid “insecurity work” to improve outputs.

The modern workplace and 8-hour workdays seem to be dedicated to being busy and have forced us to give up our most valuable resources — time and energy. Yet, when more of our tasks demand creativity, critical thinking, and innovation, how can we reclaim our time and energy to improve our outputs?


Steve Glaveski is the CEO of Collective Campus, an innovation accelerator based in Melbourne and Singapore, that works with large organizations around the globe. As an entrepreneur, author, and podcast host, his mission is to unlock the latent potential of people so that they can create more impact for humanity and lead more fulfilling lives. His newly released book, Time Rich: Do Your Best Work, Live Your Best Life, aims to be a guide to achieving twice as much in half the time, and living your best life.


In this interview, we dig into what’s wrong with the way the modern workplace is set up, and how it impacts us in various ways — from a long feedback loop to poor employee morale, and feeling a lack of control. Steve also explains why being busy is a false measure of success, and why we need to focus on learning how to manage our energy, efficiency, and attention. He shares his advice about how to prioritize tasks, how to overcome the confusion between time worked and output created, and why reclaiming your time can create space for more innovation.


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