Do you ever feel like you struggle to achieve your goals or get frustrated because you can’t seem to stick to a plan? I think today’s conversation with Everyday Innovator Sergio Nazzaro is going to shed some light on this. He’s a real estate agent in Denver, Colorado who has done a phenomenal job elevating his own life, differentiating himself in a very noisy marketplace, and delivering real value in a commoditized industry. He shares how the moment he got “sick of his own sh**” and stopped negotiating with himself was the moment he changed his life. He shares his insights around who you should be competing with to get better (hint – it’s not other people), how you should be in the benchmark, not the comparison game, and his expectations around failure. Also, listen for his views on turning your life circumstances into your greatest superpowers. As a real estate agent, MBA and veteran, Sergio Nazzaro shows us how your principles and commitments to yourself are what matter if you want to leap forward. 

Sergio’s Everyday Innovator style: Inquisitive Instinctual



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