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Whether you’re a seasoned sales professional, just starting your journey, a leader trying to get buy-in for your ideas from your leadership or an entrepreneur, this interview with sales guru Matt Easton will give you the tangible tools to get more “yeses,” close more deals and make more money. We explore the intricacies of objection handling, negotiation, closing deals, and more, as we dissect the core principles of effective selling. But this podcast goes beyond the usual sales tips and tricks; it’s about understanding the psychology of buyers, the art of communication, and the mindset of a successful salesperson. It’s time to redefine your approach to selling, close more deals, and unlock a world of opportunities.

A Few Questions I Asked:

#1 Why do traditional sales techniques fail?

#2 Why is it so important to actually slow down the sales process?

#3 How do we handle people’s objections?

#4 Why is “what do you need to think about?” actually one of the worst questions you can ask?

#5 What’s the F Bomb in sales and how do we avoid it?

#6 Is the hunger to keep closing and not get comfortable a skill you can teach or something you are born with?

#7 What’s the difference between introverts and extroverts when it comes to sales?

Conversation Highlights:

#1 Selling For Life Success: Selling isn’t just about closing deals, it’s about getting to yes with your spouse, your boss, your clients and your colleagues; it’s a critical  life skill

#2 STOP CONVINCING PEOPLE: How bad selling, or convincing is like standing on a bar and yelling at the top of your lungs, “I’m single and I drive a Porsche and here are 10 reasons why you should date me!”

#3 TAKE THE EGO OUT OF IT: We need to stop selling from our perspective, and start selling from our prospects perspective.

#4 LOSE CONTROL: Giving away control will actually close more deals and make you more money than trying to control the thoughts and next steps of your prospect.

#5 THE F BOMB OF SALES: How saying “I’m just following up” is actually the opposite of what you should do to get to the next steps and close more deals

#6 OBJECTIONS DON’T MATTER: How trying to convince someone that you can overcome their objections actually shuts down the conversation and the opportunity, the key is in understanding if it’s a make or break objection, a complaint or a work around.

#7 INTROVERTS VS. EXTROVERTS: How extroverts are great at selling because they have the energy to start conversations, but introverts are great because they like to listen for the answer. And, now the key to both is a proven process.

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