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Angela Gaffney is a well know health and wellness expert, keynote speaker, author and coach. Her programs help people untangle the part of their lives that is causing stress and poor health and give you a plan to improve your energy and your health from the inside out. We chat about what foundational health means, flipping our diet mentality upside down and how to fill a plate with phytonutrients.

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Questions Answered:

When you found the path forward how do you tackle that?

What are the key foundational issues we need to be paying attention to?

What should we/should we not be eating?

What are phytonutrients?

What are some shifts I can make?

I’d love to hear your perspective what type of results people should actually expect.

Key Points:

We have to build a foundation (our body) to be able to do everything else in our busy lives

Give your adrenals a break

Creating boundaries in your life that support where you want to be

Health is a lifestyle

Commit to taking one step per week towards your goal.

Focus on the quality of your food rather than only the quantity.

Need to eat all 3 macros – carbs, protein, fat

Importance of phytonutrients

Majority of plate full of color

Healthy oils

The deeper the color the higher the content of phytonutrients in that food.

Focus on long term habits

Our bodies are designed to heal if we listen to it


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