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Sometimes we forget how much we ask of those around us during challenging times. We ask people to take on more work, work longer hours, deal with new and unknown challenges, drive more innovation, and do it all with a smile. Our Everyday Innovator guest, Mark Flint, understands that in a challenging time when we ask for more withdraws from our people than ever before, we also need to add more deposits. This is how you keep people motivated, engaged, and moving forward. As the CEO of the Escape Game, Mark shares how they thought about innovation as something that is good for their customers and their employees, and how that thinking led to breakthrough ideas – including one that allowed customers to play Escape Game in person or at home through avatars. He also opens up about how he never thought of himself as a risk-taker because he prefers to be more calculated and thorough, but how in fact that is a form of risk-taking, in his world. He also talks about how desperation can lead to great innovation, how innovation and structure go hand in hand, and why your values are your guideposts in challenging times. 




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