Do you ever feel like the obstacles in front of you are too daunting, or frankly came out of left field? Do you ever feel like the road ahead is so massive that it’s hard to even get started? Our Everyday Innovator guest, Ari Kleinberg, is going to shed some light on how to think differently about your struggles, and why takin the first step to your goals is really the only one that matters. Ari is a thirteen year old eight grader, who just attempted his first Olympic triathlon. He opens up about what it’s like being the one no one expects to be there, how he prepares for new experiences and most importantly how to not just anticipate but tame your struggles. Full disclosure, Ari is my son so this episode is special to me. He’s quite the monologuer and often times I’ll record our deep mother son conversations. Some real brilliance came out of this car talk that I know you’ll enjoy.

Ari’s Everyday Innovator style: Inquisitive Imaginative

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