Did you know that desire has a lot to do with creativity? Our Everyday Innovator guest, Jenny Glick, shares with us how desire is actually source energy for your creative mind, why you should get out into nature and decouple from the conditioning created by the noise in this world, and how she approaches innovation in her work and life. She also digs into how holding certainty lightly has helped her walk away from the “someone has to be right or wrong” narrative and be open to new perspectives. As a licensed marriage, family and sex therapist, Jenny shares how part of going after what she wanted in life also meant taking her business to a place she never thought possible, and the success and impact she created.  She also opens up about the resistance and push back she got for going after her desires, and why slowing down to speed up has been a blessing in her life.  

Jenny’s Everyday Innovator style: Instinctual Inquisitive



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