The Hotel Mirror Experiment: Changing Your Self-Image and the Trajectory of Your Day


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In this episode, I’ll explore the incredible impact of a single mirror moment—a fleeting few seconds when I saw my reflection and felt its power to shape my day. Today, I delve into a personal story of a hotel mirror that drastically changed my day for the better, boosting my positive self talk and confidence for a major speaking engagement and then the pitfalls of a negative mirror moment that brought me down later. I’ll also unlock some the science behind why this happens, revealing how your brain captures and influences your thoughts, communication, and actions based on that last image you see of yourself. Discover the “Imperfection Interruption,” the subtle disruptions that stem from your self-perception, and learn how to overcome them.

Podcast Highlights:

#1 POWER OF THE MIRROR MOMENT: One mirror moment can change the trajectory of your life, giving your more confidence and positive self-talk. Tamara shares how a positive mirror moment led her to crush her speaking engagement, close a big deal and walk with confidence all morning. She also shares how she then had the opposite mirror moment that brought her day down.

#2 THE IMAGE IMPRINT: How your brain records the last image of yourself and then stores it. This then impacts your thoughts, your communication, your behavior and actions all day long. Gary Brecka talks about the science behind how the brain records this last image.

#3 THE IMPERFECTION INTERRUPTION: When that last recording image of yourself is filled with imperfections or what you don’t like about yourself, that negatively impacts your day. On a subconscious level you have all these imperfect micro-interruptions that seep into your communication and behaviors.

#4 THE 6 FEET RULE: How standing 6 feet from your mirror changes how you see yourself and that will change how you go about your day. At 6 feet you stop seeing the imperfections and begin to see the beauty and the positive. That image becomes what you carry around all day long.

#5 MORNING ROUTINE MATTERS: Tamara also shares how she also uses fitness to create those Mirror Moments. When she lifts heavy or accomplishes a new personal record in Crossfit, the acts more boldly all day long. She also shares other tips for creating Mirror Moments all day.

#6 POWER OF EXPERIMENTATION: Tamara also shares a little bit about her experimentation in going live on YouTube. She talks about fumbling through it and being thankful because you can’t achieve your big goals without taking a first step.

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