Geeta Nadkarni


Geeta Nadkarni is well known media personality, journalist, media strategies and founder of the Baby Got Booked Formula, an online program that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs get results by getting media. We discuss why most of us don’t get the media we want and how the right media will lead to exposure and sales. She also shares some actionable tactics that you can use right now to get yourself booked on radio, TV, news, print, podcast and more.

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Questions Answered in this episode:


  • Why is media so important for entrepreneurs?
  • What does media get you that social media doesn’t?
  • What are the mistakes we make when we pitch to media?
  • What makes a good pitch?


Key Points:


  • Social media lacks a high ROI
  • Media affords higher exposure, adds credibility, and more opportunities
  • #1 mistake is sending a press release
  • #2 mistake is telling them why you want to be on now
  • Producers want to know why this is relevant now, what is already hot in the media
  • A producer’s job is to find guests who educate, inform and entertain the audience
  • Make what celebrities are doing accessible to the public
  • Emotional story based pitches
  • Have a compelling subject line, use their name, something you like about their show,etc., and an idea that will resonate with their audience.



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