In a culture that rewards busyness, many of us have lost site of how important it is to pause. Science and studies show that pausing is actually one of the most productive things you can do. In fact research shows that for optimal performance we need both times of intense work and times of recovery. In this episode I cover how the culture of busyness is like a 100 to 1 tennis match you’ll never win, and how the power of the pause is proven to increase productivity and innovation, while helping you avoid burnout. I also share 4 ways you can add the power of the pause to your daily work and life. And, I cover how the pause is actually a highly active brain state that helps us be thoughtful and innovative.

The four ways I mention in the episode to add pauses to your day:

#1 3 Deep Breaths

#2 Sit In Inquiry Longer

#3 Walk Away

#4 Doodle

And don’t forget the tips I mentioned about ending meetings at forty-five after or padding your work time so you can add the pauses as you are doing the work. 

And take advantage of the 3-minute built in pause in this episode! 

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I love my Passion Planner. It helps me sty organized, map out my day and work, take a pause often, and move forward. It’s more that just a to-do list or calendar, it’s a method that helps you own your day, month and year. 

I mentioned Kacey that uses doodling to help him pause. He’s part of our Academy. That means he’s gone through our masterclass to be a rock star innovator and then into our year long academy to get the ongoing tools and resources to sharpen his innovation skills. If you are interested, check it out.