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Overcoming the part of your brain that’s holding you back.

I often get questions about what I’m reading, what I’m learning out of it, how it impacts how I think about my personal and professional life, and how it helps me grow and evolve as a human being. In this episode, Derrick Kuhn, my friend and the person who provides me with a lot of my book recommendations, and I are digging into the primal mind.


Derrick Kuhn, owner of Brillity Digital, a digital marketing and business strategy company, has been a serial entrepreneur since 2001. As a voracious reader, Derrick has encountered a multitude of business platitudes, bad advice, and business folklore that do more harm than good, which is why we are discussing some of this advice to see what works, what doesn’t and how you can apply some of the valuable concepts to your business and life.


What is the primal mind? It is the driver of so many decisions we make on a daily basis, to the point that we don’t even notice it sometimes. Derrick and I discuss how our ‘lizard brain’ and emotions come into play when making decisions over the rational mind, and how we can distinguish which part of the brain is making the decisions. The thing is, whenever we have a stress response, our ability to engage in critical thinking, creativity, innovation and any kind of rational thought is reduced, and we may not be thinking about opportunities because we’re functioning on autopilot. Derrick and I share some of our strategies to control and overcome your primal mind, and if you want to find out how your primal mind is like online dating, tune in to next week’s episode for Part 2 of this fascinating discussion with Derrick.


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